BuzzFEST #1 – Investing

By | October 7, 2007

The first person to take me up on my buzzfest for October is Jorge who runs a cool looking financial news blog with a cow big bull on the front page, much better than the design for my pages! It’s a visually attractive website with very nice layout material, doesn’t look at all generic, despite the fact the CSS is free. And the URL is a great one: Investing Adventures dot com.


I don’t know how he finds the time to write such a blog because in the third quarter, he made a portfolio gain of over 50%. That’s quite impressive.

I do like the way Jorge handles category pages, but I don’t think the drop down menu for page categories is a good idea. It hides the category links away from visitors, and makes categories seem very unimportant. Also, it would be a good idea to have an archive page, too, so that readers can find your previous posts easily.

Great blog, I already signed up for the newsletter! I’m sure I’ll be following your tips, too!

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6 thoughts on “BuzzFEST #1 – Investing

  1. Jorge

    Thanks for the buzz kind sir! Busy doesn’t begin to describe things. Between my portfolio (which I absolutely love), my PhD research, my upcoming wedding (not as stressed as the bride but it’s her day hah!), and the dog, I barely have enough time to eat and sleep. But I wouldn’t have it any other way right now to be honest.

    Thanks for the great buzz! Stay safe over there!

  2. Jorge

    Thanks for the advice as well. I’ve gone ahead and spent most of the morning making some of the changes you recommended. I definitely agree that things are better organized. I actually like the archives page I set up (with the help of WP plugins)!

  3. InvestorBlogger

    Thanks for the monitoring of my site’s speed. I think I’m going to be tackling that problem head on now. I used to think it was my host, but now I am beginning to think it’s my own blog problem… so I cleaned out ALL the unused plugins (Lorelle’s tip) and All the unusued themes. Then I’m going to turn some of the static code (ie. never changes) from PHP to HTML, to speed things along.

    It will take a time, but my blog is unseasonably slow at times.

    BTW, how are you finding the time to do all of this as well!

  4. Jorge

    Thanks. I’ve been editing categories. Youtube doesn’t like being editted after the initial post for some reason.

    Luckily my fiancee made some friends at work on campus (we both work at University of Florida) so she’s been out all weekend. With the flash flood watches we’ve been having all week, I haven’t had time to go out so I’ve been fixing up the blog and attacking my portfolio for the next couple of weeks. Good luck speeding things up!

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