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By | April 13, 2007

Updates to the website. There are a number of changes that I’d like to make to this blog in the coming weeks, but right now, I’m just reporting on the changes that have already been made.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve added MyAvatars for MyBlogLog, so when Mybloglog users login, they can comment on my blog, and have their Avatars show up next to their comments! I do like that feature very much. It really humanizes the whole experience, I think. In addition, for more unique avatars, it means that you can quickly be recognized.

Another feature that I’ve worked the kinks out of is the commenting feature. Seems that comments from guests had been broken for a long while. Now it’s fixed, and the number of commenters has jumped. People must have been trying to comment for the longest while.

Lastly, I’ve implemented the DoFollow plugin in comments, so that links from these pages are indexed by Google and other search engines. Comments will now link back to your website, and be counted/searched etc. An extra value!

I’m still working on changing the theme for this blog. I am probably going to choose a two column theme in future, with lighter colors and simpler than Tiga. I am finding that Tiga doesn’t play very well with IE as people are reporting broken boxes, out of alignment text and images. As you all know, I primarily use FF, so I never see these problems (why don’t you change? Why not? Why not? You IE users!); but I should address these concerns.

Do comment, and let me know if you are using DoFollow or MyAvatars or Tiga! Thanks, :D.

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One thought on “Blog Update: mybloglog with myavatars

  1. Elizabeth Adams

    Hello, Kenneth …

    Okay! I read this post and followed all the links and read the article on comment spam and I think I’m finally getting the picture about that. It looks like the best thing we can do is install a CAPTCHA plugin because remote submissions can’t see those little letters to type in like the human eye can. Next up from that would be to install Askimet to help with spam filtering, and next up from that would be changing out our host’s ISP with gmail to trap the last little bits. Is that about how you’ve got it strategized?

    Now I’m trying to figure out how I get my flower avatar to show up on this comment. I’ve already signed up into MyBlogLog, and you say you’ve added the “MyAvatars” plugin which is what puts an avatar right on a person’s comment — which is really cool! — but something has been going wrong with the process because my white flower has been replaced by a black head!

    If you have any ideas as to why this would be happening, please respond to this comment … have you added a plugin that lets you do that and, if so, what’s it called?

    I’m delighted to hear that you’ve installed the “dofollow” plugin because now people who post on your blog can get a link back to their blog or website or article or video or whatever, and that’s just as it should be, don’t you think?

    As long as you’re thinking about changing the theme for this blog, you might like to know that is making his theme available to anyone who wants it. Why not go take a look at it? Maybe it would suit you better.

    I see something down at the bottom right of your page, here, about “Pay Per Post … Hire Me!” What is that all about?

    Regards, Elizabeth …


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